Education Center


Educational value is a central component to all of our films and a critical element of GSF's overall mission. Our films are designed to provide an enjoyable learning experience and to inspire all viewers to seek additional knowledge after the credits roll. To enhance the educational value of our films, GSF provides a variety of tools and outreach activities, including the downloadable resources featured on the right.


GSF works with theater partners, educational advisors, and experts in both informal and formal learning to prepare educator guides for each of its films. Correlated to national education standards, these curricular resources provide K-12 educators with classroom tools to complement the knowledge imparted on their students through the film experience. Designed to create fun, hands-on and interactive learning experiences, these guides also support on-site programming in museums and informal environments. The topics covered and methods employed are varied to provide a broad learning platform from which to work. The guides also suggest sources for further research. Click on any of the guides on the right for a download in PDF format.


From appearances by researchers and directors to workshops for K-12 educators to traveling exhibitions, GSF seeks to enhance each film's educational value and reach through innovative and meaningful resources. A well-conceived platform of related educational experiences allows our museum partners to engage new audiences, build connections between film content and their own exhibitions and programs, and satisfy their mission goals.  


GSF is committed to making our content accessible to children and adults of diverse backgrounds and communities. We support access to experiences for underserved student groups through royalty-free admissions programs in each museum theater market. We're also leveraging the resources of our sister company, D3D, to present our films in rural communities without giant screens through traveling digital 3D installations. For more information about D3D, visit the company's Web site.