GSF's unique and proven approach to development and production reflects our commitment to quality. Our process ensures that each film delivers an unforgettable immersive experience and a powerful impact that extends far beyond the theater. Learn more about our current productions here.


Often in the large-format industry, producers have a tendency to “follow the money” in selecting and developing film projects, green-lighting films that may have strong appeal to a particular corporate sponsor or individual donor but are not all that appealing to wider large-format audiences.  The end result of this has been disappointed theaters and often disappointed sponsors and donors.

GSF very carefully avoids this type of approach, and instead selects film topics based on our vast industry experience coupled with extensive research and quantitative data.  This allows us to evaluate and refine each film’s appeal to consumers and to enhance its ability to support the needs of museum theaters. We use our understanding of key industry trends to craft innovative marketing campaigns that attractively position each film and its message.


GSF’s creative teams are comprised of internationally recognized writers, directors, and cinematographers—including the leaders of the giant screen industry as well as Academy and Emmy Award nominees and winners. We’ve collaborated with world-renowned narrators such as Michael Douglas, Laurence Fishburne, and Christopher Lee.


Meaningful partnerships are a cornerstone of GSF’s film projects. Strong relationships with museum theaters around the globe maximize each film’s distribution prospects. Relationships with corporate, organizational and outreach partners strengthen our films’ educational messages and dramatically enhance their impact—in theaters, classrooms, and homes around the world.   


Audiences come to giant screen theaters expecting to be both entertained and educated—and GSF’s films are designed to do both. Our films and educational outreach are advised and vetted by renowned scientists, researchers, and expert educators. Learn more about our educational impact here.