An Epic Chronicle of a Lost Continent

Giant Screen Films is pleased to announce that launch activity for Dinosaurs of Antarctica is underway. Artwork and marketing assets are available now, with the official trailer releasing before the holidays. With over 70 markets premiering the film in 2020, exhibitors are working with GSF to tap into a wealth of curriculum/promotional toolkits and scientist/author appearances all supported by the National Science Foundation.

“The response to this title has been tremendous, from the early days of market research to teaser clips shown to film buyers to preview screenings for audience evaluators,” said Mark Katz, SVP at GSF. “It’s a wonderful environmental story using a deep time travel perspective to explore the causes and repercussions of a changing climate, investigating the parallels and differences between prehistoric climate events and human-triggered warming today. The film offers a climate and STEM story in a dinosaur film wrapper, told with next-level CGI.”

Dinosaurs of Antarctica is the next title in our Prehistoric Giants series, after Titans of the Ice Age – films with prehistoric animal storylines that offer new perspectives on environmental science,” added Andy Wood, producer, GSF. “This new release explores the last time in earth’s history when the polar ice completely melted, ushering in the Great Dying and, ultimately, the age of dinosaurs. The Transantarctic Mountains are a rare place on the planet that reveals this climate story, written in Antarctica’s fossils and sediments. This 250 million year odyssey hits the sweet spot for immersive cinema, a journey that capitalizes on everything that makes the medium special. The juxtaposition of Antarctica’s present day ice vistas with the lush and otherworldly temperate rainforests of prehistoric Gondwana is magical.”

Releasing in all theatrical formats February 2020.


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