Exhibitor Praise for Hidden Pacific

Exhibitor Praise for Hidden Pacific 

“Stunningly beautiful…a perfect fit.”

-Bobbi Hohmann, VP of Programming & Collections, Fernbank Museum

“Hidden Pacific is a crowd-pleaser, and has been a great performer for us!”

-Debra Borgwardt, Associate Vice President – Sales & Partnerships, New England Aquarium

“Hidden Pacific is a visual spectacle; exhibiting the wonders of the air, land, and water…you will come away with a sense of conservation pride and a desire to help keep these marine national monuments thriving for generations to come.”

-Daine Appleberry, Director of Guest Services, Audubon Nature Institute

“Hidden Pacific will serve as a platform to help people better understand the importance of conservation, which directly aligns with our mission to inspire minds through nature and science.”

-Suzanne Faulkenberry, Director of Program Marketing, The Perot Museum of Nature & Science

“Ocean-themed films have always piqued our guests’ curiosities. Hidden Pacific provides a great opportunity to offer our audiences a look at locations from around the world that are rarely seen.”

-Anne Rashford, Director, Special Events & Business Partnerships, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

“A wonderful film that exposes you to one of the most beautiful parts of the world, a place the many people don’t even know exists!”

-Gary Hyatt, Director of Guest Experience, Thanksgiving Point

“This is a beautiful film, exploring remote Pacific islands. While enjoying the gorgeous scenery the audience also learns about things people are doing to try to protect our oceans from various threats to its health.”

-Elizabeth Calhoun, Theater Operations Manager, Pacific Science Center

Hidden Pacific Educator’s Guide Available

Produced by the Science Engagement and Outreach team at Pacific Science Center

Filled with engaging activities, the Hidden Pacific Educator’s Guide ensures that educators can connect this appealing ocean film with a wide range of classroom topics. Creative activities explore the marine national monuments the wildlife and corals that inhabit these remarkable places. The content is appropriate for the K-12 grade bands in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, but provides a wealth of ideas that can be modified for use in informal settings.

“Our team enjoyed interpreting the content and science in Hidden Pacific for the educators’ guide because the film’s conservation and climate themes aren’t just specific to our region,” said Karlisa Callwood, vice president of the Pacific Science Center. “The film tells an uplifting story about what healthy ocean and reef communities can look like and why they’re important to all of us.”


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