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Horses traces the 1,000-year global evolution of horse-and-cattle culture as it spread from this nexus in Spain to every corner of the New World. In the process it would shape how entire societies live, speak, dress and eat, the music they listen to, the stories they tell, the ideals they hold to, the very fabric of their lives. The film makes this journey in a completely active way, by visiting spectacular locations along this global path and, through the immersive power of the giant screen, allowing viewers to ride with men and women from those distinct cultures.

Filmed in IMAX 15/70 on Kodak’s amazing new 2-photon stocks, Horses offers stunning imagery, breathtaking action, fantastic landscapes, and unforgettable characters. And in its revolutionary look at a widely influential global culture, it creates a giant screen experience that will thrill audiences around the world while uniting them in a shared heritage.