Cuba: Theater Testimonials

CUBA provides an intimate look into a vivacious island nation through the eyes of Cuban artists, historians, and scientists. The film was recently screened at the GSCA Film Expo in Los Angeles and enjoyed an exceptional response from conference delegates.

Audience response has been similarly strong.

Here are a few theater testimonials:

“CUBA is a gorgeous film packed with stunning imagery and poignant stories. We had the great fortune to collaborate with many people with ties to Cuba and they were all excited by the film and proud to have it showing in our community.”

– Amanda Bennett, Director of Marketing & Communications, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

“CUBA has quickly become one of my most appreciated giant screen films. Our film launch revealed many from the Cuban and Caribbean community in the greater Boston area have long been wanting a film that honored their part of the world and their culture. Peter Chang and his team did a masterful job in creating this complex and stunning film.“

– Robin Doty, Manager, Mugar Omni Theater, Museum of Science, Boston

“The lively music and dancing, thriving coral reefs, classic cars, and historical architecture all evoke a positive response. Many of our guests have visited Cuba, and remarked how the film sparks fond memories. They love the feeling of being transported back to the island. CUBA has been a great asset for our centre and we’re pleased with its educational and entertainment value.”

– Alan Nursall, President and CEO, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton

“…a joyful and beautiful film that coexists with a complicated, difficult and challenging history. It was a very personal and emotional journey for many in the room. Films such as this open minds, provoke questions and inspire curiosity.”

– Todd Sperry, Senior VP, Museum of Science, Boston

“A beautifully shot film that explores a country many of us won’t have a chance to see. It is incredible to see the Cuban people adapt to their varied historical circumstances. I especially like the way they advocate for organic farming.”

– Elizabeth Calhoun, Theater Operations Manager, Pacific Science Center