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Giant Storytelling

As pioneers in immersive storytelling for over two decades, GSF is a producer and distributor of enriching content that pushes the boundaries of new mediums – from large-format films to interactive virtual reality. Our productions challenge the imaginations and curiosity of life-long learners, young and old, offering unforgettable museum and media experiences around the world.

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Comprised of museum and media specialists, GSF aspires to provide the global museum-cinema network with mission-based, immersive science and cultural productions to reach new and diverse audiences, with meaningful educational outreach and partnerships that extend learning impacts far beyond the theater.

Through creative partnerships with influencers, exhibitors, governments, NGO’s and a unique collaboration with our sister company, D3D Cinema, GSF crafts eye-candy, ‘wow’ experiences to introduce science to new and underserved audiences and communities, supercharging the reach for documentary productions. Award-winning films in the GSF catalog have grossed over $250M in global box office, reaching tens of millions of theatrical viewers and hundreds of millions more in-home.

From touring cinemas to full-body VR to giant domes and IMAX® films – contact us to explore how GSF can take giant storytelling to the new heights.

Accolades/By The Numbers

Over $250M in Global Box Office
Over 50M theatrical film viewers
Over 1B in-home content views
Over 25 original productions
Over 35 films ‘now showing’
Over 50 award-winning 3D films in the GSF/D3D catalog
Exhibition clients in over 40 countries
The only Academy Award winning giant screen production
Over 75 newly launched museum cinemas
Over 10 destination theaters running signature productions
“The best VR experience on the market” –CNET

Meet Our Team

The GSF team includes immersive media pioneers, science educators, experiential technology specialists, and attraction cinema engineers. With decades of museum leadership experience under one roof, GSF offers extensive insider insight and industry analysis, culminating in a peerless appreciation of our business landscape, informing our approach to production, distribution and outreach.

Don Kempf

President | Founder

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Andy Wood

Senior Vice President, Production & Business Development

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Mark Katz

Senior Vice President, Film Distribution & VR Experiences

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Derek Threinen

Vice President, Film Distribution & Theater Development

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Deborah Raksany

Vice President | Development & Partnerships

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Domingo Escutia Muñoz

Director of Sales & Distribution, Europe

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Rob Grzymala

Vice President | Production & Finance

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Our Services

Through creative partnerships with influencers, exhibitors, governments, and NGO’s – alongside a unique collaboration with our sister company, D3D Cinema – GSF crafts eye-candy, ‘wow’ experiences to introduce science to new and underserved audiences and communities.

GSF is a world-leading producer of original large-format film content for giant screens, museum cinemas and IMAX® theaters. Our catalog of films includes top-performing, award-winning documentaries distributed globally in over 40 languages. We wrap science and environmental topics in mesmerizing stories, crafted with extensive audience research and academic rigor… from dinosaurs to oceans, world cultures to cosmic destinations.

GSF exclusively partners with the top film-making talents, creatively incorporating the newest, envelope-pushing technologies and taking cameras to the ends of the earth (and beyond). From wide-releases to theater-specific signature films, GSF can spin factual content into box office magic.

In addition to original productions, GSF is a leading distributor of third-party content in all museum cinema formats, from giant screens to domes. With exhibition partners that span the globe, our sales and distribution team – comprised of former museum cinema leaders – has cultivated close client relationships based on integrity.

Through its sister company – D3D Cinema – GSF uniquely taps into ‘expanded network’ opportunities inaccessible to other distributors, creating exhibition opportunities bespoke to each title – from the integration of destination theaters to touring, pop-up exhibition cinemas.

Click here to learn more about the GSF network of partner exhibitors.

D3D Cinema – GSF’s sister company – is committed to the growth of the premium large format (PLF) and immersive museum and attraction cinema network. A full-service boutique integrator, D3D offers first-to-market technology, consultation, strategic planning, design, engineering, integration, training and ongoing support services for immersive theaters of all shapes and sizes. Our turnkey, subsidized installation platform – Cinefolio – is a low-cost, market-expanding program employed by GSF to reach new audiences and penetrate underserved communities.

Visit the D3D Cinema and Cinefolio websites for more information.

GSF and D3D curate and develop top-tier mission-focused, location-based virtual reality experiences for museums, aquariums, zoos and attractions, anchored by our flagship platform – Birdly VR, a one-of-a-kind full-body VR bird flight simulator. Combining robotics and simulations technology, Birdly has been called the “best VR experience on the market” by CNET, providing an exhilarating vehicle for interactive exploration of learning environments, from the Jurassic to the Great Barrier Reef. Visit the Birdly VR website for more information.

Education through immersive film and experiential media is GSF’s raison d’etre. Our mission – simply put – is to inspire viewers to explore and innovate, to tap into the natural curiosity of young minds, and to augment the life-long learning engagement provided by our museum, aquarium, and zoo clients. To this end, we collaborate with an extensive network of educational institutions, museum educators, academics, and curriculum developers. Our longstanding partnership with the National Science Foundation, supporting the production and evaluation of multiple GSF productions, has been instrumental in supercharging educational outreach for many projects. Museum curriculum collaborators have included the American Museum of Natural History, The Franklin Institute, The Field Museum, Frost Museum of Science, Pacific Science Center, and many more.

Millions of museum visitors experience GSF projects every year – from immersive films to virtual reality installations – providing cause partners a remarkable opportunity to reach new audiences and, of critical importance, ‘preach beyond the choir.’ Research shows that community museums, science centers, zoos and aquariums are among the most trusted brands for curated, factual information. Unlike television and SVOD, where viewers seek content that already aligns with their interests and political persuasion, museums offer exposure of science, conservation and cultural concepts new to many visitors, planting ideas that will germinate upon reflection and encouraging further inquiry. These connections, the ability to capture open, young minds in a trusted ‘curiosity environment’ are what NGO and cause-focused partners love. GSF can offer an incredibly powerful vehicle to tell these stories in prestigious museums to coveted demographics.

Click here to learn more about our partners and partnerships.

GSF, in partnership with D3D Post Services, offers a suite of creative digital media and post-production services. Our Philadelphia-based studio is a boutique facility specializing in immersive, envelope-pushing formats, from production to post, archiving to distribution fulfillment services. From extreme-bitrate, ultrahigh-resolution laser-illuminated giant screen content to fulldome warping to interactive VR, GSF/D3D provides the highest-quality deliverables and oversight with an online inventory management, seven-day service and a client-tailored ambassadorship program.

Visit the D3D Post website for more information and pricing/service inquiries.

“GSF is known for producing innovative films that showcase the large-format experience and produce strong box office, and as such are one of the premiere filmmakers and distributors in our industry. We have shown nearly all of their films and with great success. Not only are they great filmmakers, but they are also savvy about marketing, theater exhibition and the LF business.”

Christine Hurtubise

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, COSI, Columbus

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