Immersive Storytelling

Immersive Storytelling

We tell stories. Stories that connect new audiences to new ideas. Stories that engage and immerse and inspire. Stories for lifelong learning. Stories with a cause. Stories that reach millions of large format theatrical viewers and tens of millions more beyond the cinema.

This is how.


At the core of GSF’s value proposition is the giant screen canvas – a singularly powerful theatrical medium that envelopes the viewers with a unique and memorable experience, an immersive journey both entertaining and enriching. National Science Foundation research conducted in concert with GSF discovered a strong correlation between large format (dome and 3D) presentations and longitudinal recall of ideas and science concepts. This is the power of the medium – a clutter-free, unforgettable storytelling vehicle. In a world of ephemeral memes on tiny screens, big experiences stand out.

Of course, beyond the principal theatrical network, we hit the tiny screens too…reaching tens of millions of additional viewers – both in-home and in the classroom – through broadcast, streaming, VOD and VR channels – augmented by a comprehensive outreach and deep-dive package for curious minds.


Our core theatrical audience is comprised of museum, zoo, aquarium and attraction visitors, a diverse array of global patrons from all walks of life and across nearly all demographic profiles in all top DMAs. Our stories connect with millions of families, decision-making moms and decision-making dads and their five-year old bosses. Within their walls, museums and institutions are entrusted with curating content that is factually accurate; and, indeed, literature supports that their audiences perceive museum exhibitions as more reliable than all other media – including newspapers, television news, established, respectable online sources of information and even universities. GSF, in turn, is entrusted with providing our museum clients with productions of the highest factual standards and academic rigor. These conditions of mutual trust – coupled with very special giant screen experience – create an incredibly powerful medium to convey information and messaging to millions of viewers that are expecting to learn and remember.

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Emerging Storytelling

Telling BIG stories requires boundary-pushing production and exhibition tools, an innovative arsenal of cinema and VR magic kits and magic-makers. GSF and D3D have been pioneers in emerging, immersive technology for over two decades. Our award-winning content and forward-thinking exhibition platforms have won myriad awards for technical achievements, including pioneering early adoption of novel 3D capture rigs, engineered camera systems, heavy-lift drones, and laser-illuminated exhibition systems. Our cadre of filmmakers are legends of the format, from grizzled veteran photographers to new-blood wizards. The result is a branded portfolio of films that are diverse, energetic, fresh, beautiful and memorable.

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Cause Engagement

A captive, happy, trusting audience is an audience prepared to engage beyond the theater. GSF content has called millions of viewers to action, minting new ambassadors around cause campaigns on behalf of NGOs and corporate partners. From extensive market research initiatives to viewer metric tracking, our theater engagement team tailors programs to align partner causes with content, experiential extensions and curricular outreach.

But what really makes the giant canvas special is its ability to reach new audiences. Most theatrical, broadcast and VODdocumentaries preach to the choir. GSF’s formative experiences, from giant screen films to location-based VR, reach beyond the choir. This is how ideas are shaped and minds are changed. Viewers come for the dinosaurs and stay for the environmental science. They come for the spaceships and stay for the physics. They come for the whales and stay for the conservation message. The vehicle matters…a spoonful of sugar helps the messaging go down.

Impact Education

Immersive content can make ideas stick. GSF content viewers are inquisitive, intellectually curious…spongy. While not attributes you want in, say, an apple, ‘spongy and sticky’ describes ideal conditions for achieving high impact educational outcomes, both in formal academic settings and informal learning institutions. GSF’s portfolio reaches millions of students and lifelong learners with in-film inspirations, deep-dive curriculum extensions and educational outreach programs designed to engage minds in the classroom and living room. Our productions and learning extensions arouse curiosity in viewers around the world, telling inclusive, international stories that champion diversity – from STEM to culture to artistic endeavor.

We work with the very best educators in the biz. From the former school teachers on staff to dozens of museum partners to countless professional educators, academic specialists, evaluators and curriculum advisors…GSF is extremely proud of our education network. Simply put, such collaboration allows us to produce meaningful and inspirational factual content that touches millions of learners in this digital age.

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“Giant Screen Films is an exceptional producer and distributor of large-format films, and we really enjoy working with them.GSF’s films have won multiple awards at our La Geode film festival, which each year features the best product in the industry.”

Nelly Duval

Corporate Secretary, La Geode, Paris

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