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GSF Partnerships

Our partners support the production of groundbreaking, influential films and unique outreach campaigns, and benefit from building an emotional connection to millions of viewers around the world. From corporate brands to government leaders to nonprofit groups, our partners help share our stories and benefit from the connection to our audience of lifelong learners and explorers.

On The Vanguard of Technology

GSF collaborates with world-class producers who leverage the latest tools in filmmaking and contribute diverse perspectives to documentary storytelling.

Selected production partners include:

Education and Inspiration

GSF’s films are unique—our audiences expect premium entertainment, but they also expect to learn. Our education and outreach partners help build on the impact of our storytelling through innovative education programs, environmental initiatives, and more. From government leaders to nonprofit groups, our education and outreach partners have engaged their stakeholders and shared their messages through our programs worldwide.

Selected educational partners include:

360 Brand Partnerships

On giant screens and across diverse streaming and on-demand platforms, GSF’s powerful stories generate dramatic impressions. Our meaningful, enriching content brings new knowledge, inspiration, and creates positive impacts on audiences the world over—building brands and providing significant ROI. Beyond content, our immersive experiences can create unforgettable engagements with desirable and active audiences in markets worldwide.

Selected brand partners include:

The Cinema and Beyond

GSF is proud to partner with a network of the world’s most prestigious museums and science centers to deliver an unparalleled cinema experience—with breathtaking imagery on screens up to eight stories tall. Our institutional partners advise our productions, promote our films through creative campaigns, and build on the stories we tell through powerful programming, curriculum development and special events. We work with innovative investment consortia, including The Giant Dome Theater Consortium, The 3D Film Interest Group, and The Museum Film Interest Group.

Selected institutional theater partners include:

“Working with GSF and large-format venues on the presenting sponsorship of Wild Ocean has surpassed the planned business benefits for Nokia and has been personally gratifying for me.    The partnership allowed us to deliver the message of sustainability with subtle strength, depth and authenticity, and given us a great variety of assets and opportunities to participate in the cultural change needed to drive sustainable thinking and behavior in a creative educational format.”

David Conrad

Head of Sustainability-Markets, Nokia North America

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“GSF is known for producing innovative films that showcase the large-format experience and produce strong box office, and as such are one of the premiere filmmakers and distributors in our industry. We have shown nearly all of their films and with great success. Not only are they great filmmakers, but they are also savvy about marketing, theater exhibition and the LF business.”

Christine Hurtubise

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, COSI, Columbus

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