Dinosaurs of Antarctica Premiering February 2020

Dinosaurs of Antarctica Premiering February 2020

Giant Screen Films (GSF) is pleased to announce Dinosaurs of Antarctica, a large-format film launching globally into museum and IMAX® cinemas in February 2020. The first original large-format dinosaur film in over a decade, Dinosaurs of Antarctica will introduce audiences to the amazing and bizarre prehistoric creatures that inhabited Antarctic forests and swamps hundreds of millions of years ago. With major support provided by the National Science Foundation, the film follows a team of paleoecologists on a quest to understand the southern continent’s profound transformation, from a warm and bio-diverse Mesozoic to the frozen desert we know today.

Dinosaurs of Antarctica checks so many boxes for museum cinemas— a science and natural history odyssey, dazzling locations (including the stunning New Zealand dinosaur backgrounds and remote Antarctic research camps), industry-first drone and camera technology, next-level CGI, a robust NSF-funded outreach package, and a subject that always, always appeals to our fascination—dinosaurs,” said Andy Wood, producer of the film. “Dino enthusiasts will delight in the new-to-science animals brought to life for the first time on a cinema screen.”

“This subject is surprising and novel for kids and adults,” said Deborah Raksany, producer. “It’s awe-inspiring to imagine prehistoric Antarctica as lush, green and filled with life, and the story of research and discovery on a remote, frozen glacier is equally compelling,” she said. “This film will reveal science ‘beyond the bones,’ exploring ecology, climate science, and other timely topics that will meet curricular objectives and fascinate lifelong learners.”

Highly anticipated by the museum cinema industry, Dinosaurs of Antarctica scored as the #1 film in development at two consecutive GSCA Film Expo annual events (2018/2019). It’s also the #1 dinosaur subject ever tested by Giant Screen Films, outscoring Dinosaurs Alive (2007), GSF’s blockbuster museum cinema classic grossing over $50M at the box office. “We’re thrilled by the response from buyers and expect that Dinosaurs of Antarctica will be a top performer in 2020 and beyond,” said Don Kempf, President of GSF.


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