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Extreme is an unforgettable journey into the soul of adventure. Accompany the world’s best extreme sport athletes as they challenge the most intimidating forces of nature on earth. This thrilling film showcases the risk, adrenaline, and humility of humans dwarfed by earth’s untamed power and stunning natural beauty with the immediacy that only large-format film can provide.

Journey to Oahu, Hawaii, where world champions surf the biggest waves of their careers, then sail with legendary windsurfers through hurricane-strength wind and towering waves on the North shore of Maui. Join the world’s boldest snowboarders for an incredible ride down some of the steepest, most magnificent peaks in Juneau, Alaska; experience the thrilling descent as skiers tackle a peak known as “the Temptress.” Brave the elements alongside world-renowned ice climbers as they scale one of the most spectacular icefalls in the world—the Delphine Glacier in British Columbia—then feel the heat in Southern Utah as legendary rock climbers defy gravity and challenge vertiginous cliff walls.

Combining narration from past and current world champion athletes and an eclectic, contemporary soundtrack, Extreme explores the motivations, the calculated precision and passion of those compelled to tackle nature’s most beautiful and powerful forces. More than a sport documentary or destination film, Extreme takes audiences on a heart-pounding and inspirational journey to chronicle a great paradox of human nature: our willingness to face fear and risk to experience life’s most dramatic rewards. Extreme shares an understanding of those who have made their passion a lifestyle and provides a unique glimpse into the relationship between nature and humanity.

Extreme is presented by Saab.