Old Man and the Sea

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The Old Man and the Sea is the first and only large format film to have received an Academy Award® winning the Best Animated Short Filmaward in 2000 . In an explosion of stunning hand-painted imagery it depicts Ernest Hemingway’s classic tale of a fisherman’s extraordinary duel, and follows a short live-action bio of the author.

The Old Man and the Sea, one of Hemingway’s most enduring works, is a story of friendship between a young boy and an aging fisherman tormented by hunger and weeks of ill luck. Santiago , a once strong, proud man is coming to terms with his failing abilities and age. After many weeks of returning home to his small village, day after day with nothing in his boat, Santiago is forced to accept the other villager’s small charities. He resolves to sail far out to sea in search of a catch that will redeem his self-confidence….