Oceans: Our Blue Planet Highest Grossing Giant Screen Doc of 2018!

Oceans: Our Blue Planet Highest Grossing Giant Screen Doc of 2018!

Evanston, IL (April 12, 2019) – BBC Earth, OceanX Media and Giant Screen Films (GSF) are thrilled to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Oceans: Our Blue Planet! Supercharged with global support by presenting sponsor Microsoft, the giant screen film has grossed over $15 million in global box office over 80 museum and large-format cinemas in its first twelve months. The box office grosses make Oceans the most successful giant screen release and one of the highest grossing theatrical documentaries of 2018! Oceans: Our Blue Planet won the Lumiere Award for “Best 3D Cinematography” at the 2018 Stereopsia Lumiere Awards ceremony.

Partnering with BBC Studios Learning, Microsoft’s digital and scholastic tools were deployed for the first time in the museum arena. The partnership focuses on a range of market-tailored educational activations to support Oceans: Our Blue Planet. With stunning visuals and incredible animal characters, the film has captivated and amazed audiences of all ages.


“We’ve already achieved over a million dollars in box office revenue for Oceans: Our Blue Planet 3D on our giant screen, and it’s still going strong – It will be among our most successful film runs. Guests of all ages just love the experience of being immersed in the stunning aquatic environments of this beautiful film.”

– Julie La Roche, Director of IMAX TELUS at the Montreal Science Centre

Oceans: Our Blue Planet remained in the number one spot for theatre attendance for the first six months of its run. The stunning underwater vistas and timely environmental messaging have proven to appeal to a broad audience. The film continues to perform well, particularly with our school groups and members.”

– Heather Farnworth, Director of International Sales at Ontario Science Centre

“Oceans: Our Blue Planet is a visually stunning film with an array of sea life contrasted against a sparkling blue ocean backdrop. This film has exceeded our expectations, especially with our school group visitors.”

– Mark Boyer, Director of Guest Services at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Oceans: Our Blue Planet exceeded our expectations and for ocean-themed films featured at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, it is a high bar to meet. Both school group attendance and public attendance increased in 2017 from 2016.”

– Charlotte Brohi, VP Film Programming of Houston Museum of Natural Science


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