Dinosaurs Alive!

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Dinosaurs Alive is a global adventure of science and discovery, reincarnating the earliest creatures of the Triassic to the monsters of the Cretaceous – life-sized and life-like.  Audiences will marvel at these great creatures of the past brought roaring to life in 3D.  Journey with renowned paleontologists as they hunt for fossilized clues buried in  Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, uncovering evidence that dinosaur descendants may still walk (or fly) among us today.

Ambitious, scientifically-accurate computer generated animation brings dinos back to life…in a big way! Dinosaurs Alive thrills audiences with an incredible array of locations, prehistoric eras, and amazing dinosaur species.  The film instills a passion for exploration, promotes a curiosity about science and paleontology, and most importantly encourages kids to become dinosaur hunters.

Nominated for the 2007 GSCA Award for Lifelong Learning, Dinosaurs Alive was produced with support from the National Science Foundation in collaboration with the Museum Film Network, the 3D Film Interest Group, and two prestigious museums: the American Museum of Natural History and the Maryland Science Center.